KBT Nest Swing 'Grandoh'

KBT Sensory Nest Swing

We aim to cater for play in all ages, abilities & needs. Therefore we are planning to extend our collection. 


The KBT nest swing 'grandoh' is delivered flat-packed in a cardboard box and can be easily assembled. The black braided ropes give the nest swing a nice look and are easy to adjust in length. The steel frame is padded all around to ensure a soft impact. The fabric material is both strong and comfortable to the touch. Water can pass through it easily. The rings and eights are made in galvanised steel. The welds on the ropes are made in black PP. The extra large seating area creates the impression of being in a rocking boat which adds to the fun. Can hold up to 150 kgs. 
All KBT products are tested and approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

The Grandoh nest swing is great for young children or teenagers to comfortably lay down in the swing while under supervision to  enjoy the relaxing motion of swinging.

The residential Grandoh nest swing is not only great for fun and play, but allows parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance  and motor planning.

It has soft padded edges around the entire web swing for safety while playing. 

Approved Sgs
  • Grandoh' - Nest Swing - Web Swing - Great large swing, like a boat swing
  • weight limit 150kg
  • 1670mm long
  • UV protected
  • water-repellent fabric with PE mesh seating surface
  • extra large seating area
  • black braided rope with black PP welds
  • adjustable rope length
  • delivered assembled in compact full coloured cardboard box
  • Beam Type: 2.00 - 2.4 m


Weight limit 150kg