Nest Swing 100cm

PE Rope

The Classic Kiwi Setup

Kiwi kids love the outdoors - our web/nest swing is perfect for swinging in different stances for encouraging muscle strengthening, motor-movement skills, other other sensory areas. 

Some swinging-stances include:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Prone

Smaller children are more suited for the 60cm Nest Swing.

Install And Enjoy

The Nest Swing is ready to use, straight out of the box. With all the ropes and snap-hooks needed; attach to your swing setup in just minutes. The kids will love it for years to come!

RopeAdjustable, PE material, 12mm thickness, 1800mm length.
Weight Rating285kg
Dimensions1000mm diameter. 
Nest Attachment InformationGuide found here.
Max Hanging Height2500mm.
Swing ClassResidential.
Included Spring hooks for easy attachment .
Safety InformationCompliant with safety standards ASTM F1148.

We highly recommend using with either Swing Hanger Ductiles or Bolted Swing Hangers for easy installation and safe swinging experiences.

If you decide to attach it to a fixed point instead, please check for metal wear regularly.

Nest swing with swing-frame is now available.