KBT Cocoon swing 'denoh'

We aim to cater for play in all ages, abilities & needs. Therefore we are planning to extend our special needs collection. Cocoon swing 'denoh' is KBT'S new swing and is similar to a hammock swing /cocoon swing design which makes it a great sensory hammock swing that can be used indoors or outdoors. The children's Cocoon swing "Denoh" hammock swing is a great swing for children to relax in, where they can read, listen to some music or simply drift away into their imagination while getting their vestibular input. Made with high quality material, this sensory swing can be used as an indoor sensory swing or as an outdoor sensory swing. Children with sensory integration issues can sit or lie back within the swing set and just relax. The cocoon design hugs the child from all around therefore helping in reducing the sensory impact.The cocoon seat ‘Denoh’ is a good addition to KBT’s series ‘Grandoh’ and ‘Winkoh’. Similar to these products, the colourful patterns in this cocoon seat make a beautiful sight and the black woven ropes are easily adjustable in length. The fabric is very strong and at the same time comfortable for sitting. Water can easily drain. The rings and forts are manufactured from galvanized steel. The joints on the ropes are produced with black PP.

Product specifications:
Product group - Residential use
Max weight - 70kg
Water-repellent fabric
black braided rope with black PP weldsAll KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

Approved En71 1 2 3 8