Sensory Lycra Swing

Premium Lycra - Commercial Grade

Private Play Space

Create a fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while enjoying the relaxing movements of this swing in motion.

Made of heavy, double layered lycra material. Truly multi-functional, this swing provides the sensory input kids need to remain calm while organising their bodies and minds.

Encourage Good Habits

Encourages movement and exercise. Kids can climb in the swing, stretch out and move around inside of it.
They learn body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills.
The stretchy, heavy-duty fabric provides sensory pressure while in use. 

This commercial grade Lycra Sensory Swing is very suitable for children with autism, fits perfectly in clinics, at home or in kindergartens/schools. 

Swing can be used when sitting, standing or lying down.
Helps kids with low muscle tone, autism, sensory processing disorder and hyperactivity.
1 x Heavy Duty Caribena included.
1 x Swivel Hook included.
Size (approximately)1500mm x 1200mm
Weight Rating55kg (stretching can occur in addition to use in excess of this).
Drop-Zone2.4m beam-height is suitable.


We now have Swing Hanger Ductiles or Bolted Swing Hangers available for easy installation and safe swinging experiences.

We aim to cater for play in all ages, abilities & needs. Therefore we are planning to extend our collection.