Belt Swing - Residential

Includes Plastisol Coated Chains

An Essential For Every Kiwi Home

Kids love swinging through the air, it gives them such a sense of joy.
Made from high-quality EVA - an essential addition for every home made fort, play area or swing beam. 

Featuring a durable round ended plastic seat with zinc and plastisol coated chain.

Bottom half of the chain is plastisol coated to protect your little ones from trapping their fingers or hair in the chain. Includes a pair of spring clips for easy attaching.

These also come a free pair of spring clips added to the end of the chain to make them easy to attach to your hangers or ductiles.


Chain Length1.65m
Chain MaterialZinc coated and plastisol coated.
MouldingQuality EVA Plastics.
IncludesPair of spring clips for easy attaching.


We highly recommend using with either Swing Hanger Ductiles  or Bolted Swing Hangers  for easy installation and safe swinging experiences.

Swing-frame not included but we do offer a double swing-set and also atriple swing-set.