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Commercial Grade Equipment for Your Playground in NZ


Kiwiplay is proud to employ some of New Zealand’s leading play equipment experts. We’re dedicated to helping you create a playground for kids that is both fun and safe, with equipment manufactured to the highest standards. Explore our commercial grade equipment, built to a standard you’d find in public parks and schools. 

Belt and Bucket Swings


We supply a range of commercial grade swing seats made from premium black rubber and industrial quality steel insets. This includes,



We also supply rubber ‘curve” swing seats for those looking for a solid, square seating style design.

Commercial Grade Equipment for Every Indoor Playground in NZ

Kiwiplay is proud to employ come of New Zealand’s leading playground equipment experts. A family run operation, we supply customers with play equipment that is manufactured to the highest standards and designed to boost your child’s physical and psychological development.


Boxing Bag: Childrens

Help your child perfect their hand-eye coordination with our heavy duty vinyl kids boxing bag which comes with a durable rope.


Indoor Sensory Gym

Convert any space in the house into a sensory therapy gym for children who require vestibular input and exercise. The structure promotes a range of movements such as swinging, spinning and grappling, which help to build strength and coordination. The swing hook mounted on top of the indoor monkey bars is versatile and can be used for other equipment.

KBT Cocoon Swing 'Denoh'

Whether you need a regular hammock or sensory cocoon to help your child relax, the KBT Cocoon Swing is the product you need. Ideal for napping, reading or just relaxing, this cocoon swing is sure to become a favourite in the playroom.

Outdoor Cocoon Swing

This outdoor cocoon swing is specially designed to provide optimal comfort and retain its colours even under direct sunlight. It is also extremely easy to clean.

Quilted Mats

This quilted square mat is designed to perfectly fit the base of a teepee tent. It adds a splash of colour to every room and is available in two designs.

Sensory Cocoon Swing

Our safe, practical sensory cocoon swing is designed for therapeutic use. It is made from heavy duty cotton fabric to provide the strength needed while remaining comfortable for extended use.

Sensory Lycra Swing

The Sensory Lycra Swing is flexible, comfortable and truly multi-functional. It provides the sensory input children require while promoting physical awareness, balance and spatial skills.


Give your kids their own personal play area with this beautiful cotton teepee. This product includes four pine wood poles and a bag for storage.