High-Quality Accessories to Build a Playground for Home, NZ

Kiwiplay is New Zealand’s one-stop-shop for monkey bar options, swings, climbing walls and other playground accessories. All our products are manufactured by and sourced from reputed engineers and builders who are passionate about creating quality products that promote child development and while keeping them safe. We’ve got what you need, whether that’s a single swing bracket or a fully equipped sensory indoor play gym!

Quality Playground Equipment

Whether it's a bolt, screw or any other component in our products, we guarantee that every material that we use is non-toxic and safe for children to be around. At Kiwiplay, all metal equipment is coated or galvanised for protection, every bolt or screw is capped for safety and any wood used in construction is resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. Each product comes with a comprehensive warranty, with excellent customer support in case of any grievances.

Playground Accessories For Children of All Ages

Our extensive range of playground accessories includes:

  • Monkey bar
  • Platform swing
  • Climb frame rock wall
  • Rope ladder
  • Rope tunnel
  • Zip wire

Brain Development

A playground with plenty of accessories to interact with is the ideal place for children to engage in free play. Children develop neurologically by interacting with a range of their preferred equipment at their own pace.

Social Skills

Playgrounds teach children social skills by presenting them with opportunities to organise themselves and learn valuable lessons about sharing and cooperation.

Hand Eye Coordination

Products such as the octopus ball catcher, monkey bar and basketball hoop enable children to improve their hand eye coordination, strengthen their muscles and engage in a variety of movements, whilst also helping them to develop agility and decision making.

Wide Range of Quality Playground Accessories, NZ

Building relationships with our customers is a priority for the team at Kiwiplay. Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why our team personally verifies the safety and usability of every product. We are strong proponents of free play for children so that they can develop in a fun, meaningful way. Contact us today for assistance with designing a home playground, or browse our website to find your preferred swing bracket, playhouse or slide.

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