High-Quality Playhouse with Slide and Monkey Bar in NZ


Each playhouse from Kiwiplay is designed and manufactured by a team of engineers and builders committed to creating an environment where children can develop through play. Each playground structure is created with a multitude of activities in mind. From tube slides to rock walls, monkey bars to swings, everything is contained within one compact structure that can fit in any backyard. Contact us today for swings and tube slides for sale.

Commercial Grade Play House with Slide

As a family owned business, we understand that you have to strike a balance between keeping children safe and letting them play on their own terms. Safety is of the utmost importance, with Kiwiplay equipment featuring:

  • Safety coated swing chains
  • Commercial grade components
  • Wide, stable ladder steps
  • Self-reinforced slide walls
  • Sturdy swing beams
The Kiwiplay Difference

Safety Handles

Each safety handle is positioned with your child’s reach and strength in mind, especially when transitioning onto the play deck.

Non-Toxic Materials

Every product we offer is made using stain options and wood types that are non-toxic. You can rest assured that the playground is safe for use even after exposure to sun and rain.

UV Protection

Kiwiplay slides feature thick walls that prevent children from falling out, with wide, solid bases and UV protection coating.

Deck Slides

No matter how robust and energetic the style of play, our deck panels are guaranteed to stay in place.

Benefits of Kiwiplay Playgrounds

Here are some of the ways in which playgrounds assist in the development of your child:

  • Climbing rock walls and swinging from ropes and monkey bars build strength and coordination
  • Improve core strength and motor skills
  • Daily exercise becomes a habit at a young age and reduces the risk of obesity
  • Builds self-esteem by letting them be independent when they play.
  • Playgrounds allow children to solve problems and take controlled risks.


Wide Range of Play House with Slide Options in NZ


Looking for tube slides for sale in New Zealand? Kiwiplay recommends a beautiful backyard playground with slides, swings, monkey bars and climbing walls all in one, carefully designed structure. Contact us today

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