Explore Kiwiplay’s range of commercial grade wave slides. Each product is designed to the highest safety standards to ensure your child’s well-being.

Scoop Slides and Tube Slides For Sale in New Zealand

The timber has been carefully chosen to avoid nasty chemical exposure to your children. It is from the Spruce family and, like cedar, is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. The Swing and Slide sets come with a 10 year warranty on the timber workmanship so you know they're going to last. All Kiwiplay slides are manufactured with thick walls that prevent falls, with UV protection to withstand the New Zealand sun.

Extreme Tube Slide II

These tube slides feature a self-supporting structure and are manufactured using commercial grade materials.

Free Standing Ladder

If you’re looking for a free-standing slide with a thrilling and unique wave slide, this self-supporting wave slide is just what you need!

KBT Broncho Wave Slide

KBT’s reputation for heavy-duty, commercial grade playground equipment is well known. With high side walls and UV resistance, this commercially rated wave slide is built to last!

Super Scoop Slide

The super scoop slide is known for retaining its colour even after years of use. Each slide is tested for safety and features a heavy-duty double wall construction for extra strength.

The Ranger Plus Set

This playground set has everything your child could ever want! The Ranger Plus Set comes with a wave slide, three swings and swing attachments to keep the kids occupied.

Turbo Tube Slide

The Turbo Tube Slide is made using a wide tube that offers kids a thrilling ride while keeping them safe at all times. No extra support is needed for these tube slides, and excellent UV protection keeps them looking pristine for years!

Wave Slide + Water Attachment

No summer is complete without a wave slide with a water attachment. Quality materials and precision construction guarantee that the slide is safe even when used as a water slide. This product is thoroughly tested and meets stringent European standards.

Wide Range Of Playground Slides in New Zealand

Whether you’re looking for a water slide for the summer, a play house with slide attachment or a slide and swing set, Kiwiplay has the equipment you need. Contact us today for playground equipment that meets the highest safety standards in New Zealand.