Adaptive Swings & Bucket Swings for Special Needs in NZ

Kiwiplay has always been committed to providing New Zealand’s playgrounds with equipment that accommodates children with special needs. We believe that it is important to create an inclusive environment where all children can engage in physical activity and build relationships with their peers. Our product range features special needs equipment such as cocoon swings, bucket swings and a number of adaptive swing options.

Special Needs Swings

We offer an extensive range of swings that are designed to accommodate special needs children of all ages.

Adult Disabled Swing Seat

Made from high quality rubber, this is a heavy-duty special needs swing that features a durable harness and comfortable design for convenience.

Animal Cocoon Swing

Our Animal Cocoon Swing acts like a safe sanctuary where children can relax. Made from excellent, durable cotton canvas, it is designed to calm children.

Jennswing Adaptive Swing Seat

The Jennswing adaptive swing is a hugely popular special needs swing built for public parks and commercial use. It features a reclining design that provides superior upper and lower body support with a leg and arm rest for added support. The positioning of the seat can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child and a fully adjustable harness is also included for extra security.

KBT Foot Swing

The KBT Foot Swing includes large, comfortable footprints that prevent slipping and make it easier for children to stand. The swing is made using HDPE plastic that is extremely durable, and includes steel swing components that are galvanised.

Indoor Sensory Gym

This versatile indoor gym is compact, easy to assemble, and includes a variety of features that allow children to develop a number of motor skills. The unit is specially designed for special needs children who need vestibular input and targeted exercise. The swing hook mounted on the monkey bars is designed to support multiple swing attachments and other equipment.

Swings and Sensory Indoor Gyms for Special Needs

The Kiwiplay team is made up of experienced playground equipment experts who are certified playground inspectors. Our aim is to provide parents in New Zealand with tried and tested playground equipment, monkey swings and slides made by renowned manufacturers. If you have a child who requires safe, reliable bucket swings, contact us today.

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