Swing Seats

Kiwiplay proudly offers customers an extensive range of swing seats for children of all ages as well as kids with special needs. Our Full Bucket Swing - Heavy Duty is made using commercial grade materials and provides excellent support for children with special needs. The Baby Swing (Red) can be used with a swing hangar which makes it easy to install.

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Swing Hardware

Swing hardware plays a critical role in the safety and function of a swing set. From our Bolted Swing Hanger to the Nest Swing Hanger - Commercial and double swing beam, every product is either galvanised, coated in plastisol or made using quality stainless steel. Kiwiplay’s swing hardware products are built to withstand harsh weather and extended use.

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Special Needs Swings

We believe that special needs swings should help a child relax, keep them safe and be practical for parents to use. We offer Sensory Cocoon Swings made from soothing cotton canvas and excellent cushioning. For younger children, the Special Needs Swing - Chainset includes a shock-absorbent bumper, safety chain and spacious seating.

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Nest Swings

Kids love the outdoors. Our extensive range of nest swings has something for everyone. The strong, durable construction and excellent balance allows children to swing in different positions and helps improve motor skills. Our nest swings are remarkably easy to set up, with all ropes and hooks included in the box.

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Swing Sets

When you purchase the Ranger Plus Set or the Double Swing Set from Kiwiplay, you get the best of master craftsmanship and world-class safety standards. Our products are made using cedar, which is resistant to decay and rot. The equipment is easy to assemble and includes all necessary hardware.

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Swing Beam, Tyre Swing and Nest Swings in New Zealand

Browse Kiwiplay’s extensive range of nest swings, special needs swings and swing hardware.